“M:O:T:U Live Concert 2012” video [Trailer]

TRAILER to the ” M:O:T:U Live Concert 2012 ” video (in Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stengade venue) landing soon.

M:O:T:U (Masters Of The Universe) combines a number of different electronic styles and have created their own unique sound within the Future Pop genre. Electro, ambient and techno-industrial elements are used in combination with a definite pop commercial sensibility and a dark twist. The vocal is powerful and distinct with a range spanning from deep to high, soft to operatic.

The songs are epic storytelling which illuminates everything between heaven and earth, hell and beyond, fairy-tales, conspiracy, sci-fi and supernatural phenomena. A mix between the musicstyle of the 1980´s and music of the future.

The “M:O:T:U Live In Concert 2012” video features singer and performer Lucas Alexander, Claus Collstrup, composer and musician and musicians Peter Fink-Jensen, Bragi Robertsson with backing vocalist Mike Kirkeby Pedersen and special guest singer Sahra Cherise.

M:O:T:U has produced two powerful musicvideos to the songs “Paranormal”, which features a string of actors and extras, and “Infinite Love” which features the band with an otherworldly feel. M:O:T:U´ s live-concert video features selected songs made for the album.

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